Lead Based Paint Disclosure Forms and Templates

Download the lead based paint disclosure forms to inform any tenant on a property that has a dwelling built before 1978 that he or she may be subject to this type of health hazard. Especially if there is chipping or the paint is coming off any part of the walls it is advised to let the property manager or landlord know of it’s existence.

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Connecticut Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form – PDF Template

If the housing unit was built prior to 1978, this disclosure document must be attached to the lease agreement and signed by the tenant. This is to warn the lessee of the dangers of lead based paint and it’s effects especially on pregnant women and young children.


A landlord or representative must hand out this federal form to all potential tenants to make them aware of the existence of lead-based paint. There is a good chance that a structure built before 1978 has this type of paint which is extremely harmful to children as well as pregnant mothers. Especially if there is noticeable chipping or the paint falling off the walls the…


Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code sections 17920.10 it is required that any structure built prior to January 1, 1978 that is being leased must contain the California Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form in the agreement. This will let the tenant know of the health risk that this type of paint may cause especially to children and pregnant women. It is a good idea for…


This form must accompany the lead based paint addendum that landlords must give out to tenants in properties that were built prior to 1978. This form helps to make aware what to look for in order to reduce the amount of exposure especially if children or pregnant women are around. Download in PDF Related Forms Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form Sample


The Illinois lead-based paint disclosure form must be attached to any lease agreement which the structure was built prior to 1978. This form is to warn the new tenant about the dangers of this type of paint and especially if there is chipping or paint is falling off in the property to have checked immediately. The lessor must make sure that the tenant signs this…


The following form must be delegated by a landlord in Arizona for any structure that was built prior to 1978 to inform the tenant about lead based paint that may exist on the property. This is a major health hazard to children and pregnant women and a tenant living in a unit with paint chipping in a rental unit that is subject to this condition…


The Delaware lead-based paint disclosure form must be attached to every lease agreement that is authorized to inform the new tenant of the dangers of this health hazard. Any property that has a commercial or residential dwelling that was constructed before 1978 runs the risk of having this toxic paint being present. Especially for young children and pregnant, if there is any visible paint chipping…


This document is required by federal law to be attached to any lease agreement where the residential or commercial structure being rented was built before 1978. Chances are the property will have lead based paint exist on the property and the tenant that will be occupying the space must be made aware of this toxic substance due to it’s harm towards children and pregnant mothers….


The Maine lead-based paint disclosure form is a required form from HUD that informs any tenants of the dangers of this toxic paint that exists in most homes built prior to 1978. The paint is primarily most harmful to pregnant women and young children as it affects their brain and can suppress their learning among other disorders. Every tenant that is issued this form should…


Laws – Chapter 504B – Landlord and Tenant and Attorney General’s Guide for Landlords and Tenants – Rights and Responsibilities