Free Roommate Agreement Template Form – Adobe PDF – MS Word

A roommate agreement is a contract between individuals, known as “roommates”, sharing a residential living area such as an apartment, home, or condominium. This is an agreement between the roommates only and does not involve the landlord. In addition, the agreement does not supersede the master lease (which is the lease between the landlord and tenant). The landlord has no obligations under this agreement. If the roommates do not collectively pay the monthly rent as stated in the master lease then the landlord will be able to evict the roommates even if some of them have paid.

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Roommate Agreements by State

How to Write

1 – Obtain The Document

Download this form using the link below the image. Then gather any required reference materials (Lease, notes). You may open this form to print it then fill it out or you may use the appropriate program to enter this information onscreen.

2  – The Required Introduction

A few things will need to be documented in the initial wording of this form. To begin, locate the first two blank spaces in the first paragraph, then enter the Month/Day and Year this paperwork is being executed.

The second paragraph will require some information regarding the participants and the property. use the blank spaces after the phrase “…is made by and between,” to report the Full Name of each roommate signing this agreement. There will be enough spaces to provide three names however, if you wish, you may add more. The last blank space of this paragraph, preceding the words “property address” must have the exact Address of the Residential Property being rented by the roommates entered.

The final aspect of this agreement to be reported will be the time period when it will be in effect. This must be documented in the paragraph beginning with the words “This agreement runs concurrently….” Use the first two blank spaces to record the Month/Day and Year when this agreement will go in effect. Then, use the nect two blank spaces to report the Month/Day and Year this agreement will expire or terminate.

3 – Define The Security Deposit

The first section, “Security Deposit,” will require the full Security Deposit Amount paid to the Landlord entered onto the first blank space.

The second blank space will require the Name of the Landlord or Master Tenant who has received the Security Deposit.

The third and fourth blank spaces require the Month/Day and Year the Security Deposit was surrendered to be entered accordingly.

Next there will be enough room to report the Name of each roommate as well as the Security Amount each one has paid. Report the Name of a Roommate on the blank space (labeled “roommate’s name”) and the amount this person relinquished for the Security Deposit on the corresponding space (labeled “amount paid”) of that line.

4 – Document the Rent Amount

In “2. Rent,” we will focus on the amount of money that must be paid to the Landlord of the property and how much each roommate will need to chip in. Locate the blank space in the first paragraph of this section then enter the rent amount the Landlord must receive, on a monthly basis, for the rent.

The next area will contain several lines with two spaces apiece. Enter the Name of each Roommate on a separate line along with his or her portion of the rent.

Finally, use the three blank spaces in the last paragraph to record the manner in which the rent should be paid (i.e. cash/check), the Name of the individual collecting the Rent, and the Monthly Calendar Date (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) when the Rent is due (in this order).

5 – Regarding The Kitchen

The next section requiring attention, “4. Kitchen Use and Clean Up” will have two check boxes. If all the roommates are expected to chip in equally for food, then mark the first check box. If each roommate will be responsible for his or her own groceries, then mark the second check box.

The paragraph beginning with the words “Food may not be borrowed…” will contain a blank space to define food storage. If each roommate will have his or her own area to store food, then enter the word “separately” on this line.

6 – Housework

Locate the section titled “6. Cleaning.” If the roommates will handle the housecleaning personally, then mark the first box (preceding the words “Each roommate agrees…”

If there will be a cleaning schedule attached to this agreement each roommate is required to follow, this should be reported in item “a.)” Mark the first check box, in “a),” if the attached cleaning schedule will have a separate date and time when each roommate must perform cleaning/maintenance duties. If, however, the cleaning schedule will call for all the roommates to work as a team during the times listed, mark the second check box.

If none of these terms apply and the roommates will chip in for a house cleaner, then mark the check box preceding the words “A house-cleaner will be hired by the roommates…”

7 – Additional Provisions

Several terms may need to be covered depending on the circumstances applying to the roommates and the rental property. If any agreements have been reached regarding the topics in this section, then mark the check box corresponding to that subject and enter the terms of the agreement.

If the roommates have developed any rules/conditions regarding “Smoking/alcohol/drugs,” then mark the first check box and enter these terms on the blank spaces provided.

If the roommates have access and discussed conditions regarding “Parking,” mark the second check box and enter these conditions on the blank lines provided.

If the roommates have discussed and settled upon rules applying to “Overnight Guests,” then mark the third box and record these rules in the area provided.

Mark the fourth check box, if the roommates wish to document a policy regarding “Cleanup after parties/guests.” Make sure to record this policy on the blank lines provided.

Place a mark in the fifth box, if the roommates have rules regarding “Music/Sound” then, enter these rules on the blank lines.

If there will be rules regarding the “Behavior of Guests” then, check the sixth box and provide a detailed report on these rules using the blank lines in this item.

Mark the seventh box then enter any information regarding “Keys,” if applicable.

If the roommates have agreed to abide by certain rules regarding the “Shared areas (bathrooms),” then mark the eight box and record these rules using the blank lines in this item.

Mark the ninth box, if there will be any rules governing “Quiet Hours for Studying and Sleeping.” Make sure to record these agreements using the available blank lines.

8 – Dividing Utilities

The next section, “8. Utilities,” will provide an area to easily define who pays how much of each Utility along with some other information. This area will present itself as a table. Several Utilities will need to be defined, one on each row: Gas, Water, Electricity, Garbage, Cable TV, Internet, and Other. Use the columns to report who holds the Utility Account, the Deposit required for the Utility, the Name of the person who paid that Utility Deposit, how that Utility Bill is shared, and which roommate is Responsible for submitting that Utility’s Payment. Note: If you are defining these facts for a Utility not mentioned, use the row labeled “Other” and make sure to enter the Name of that Utility as well. Make sure to enter the information required by this table accurately.

9 – Binding Signatures

The final portion of this form provides an area for the binding Signature of each roommate to be submitted. Each roommate wishing to participate in this agreement must Sign his or her Name on the blank space labeled “Signature,” Print his or her Name on the blank space labeled “Print Name,” then enter the Signature Date on the blank space labeled “Date.”