Maine Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Maine Roommate Agreement is a clear way of reporting and verifying the terms of a living arrangement between two or more roommates planning to cohabit the same address. This form has been optimized for versatility and may thus serve a sizable number of roommates such as for off-campus housing for university students or two people simply seeking to save some money in living expenses. This agreement will set forth some standard provisions usually included in most roommate agreements. For instance, it will provide the language necessary to protect one’s personal property. While it may seem distasteful to cover such matters, it is nonetheless a matter of good paperwork and (mostly) a necessary precaution.

The agreement set here must not reach beyond the terms of most Master Leases. This is important as a Master Tenant simply cannot guarantee anything outside of the lease terms he or she holds with the Landlord. If the Master Lease will end within one year, the rental period in this form may not exceed the termination date named on the Master Lease. Simply put, the premises are to be vacated at that time because the Landlord does not hold an agreement with anyone who has not signed the Master Lease as well.