Wyoming Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Wyoming Roommate Agreement is a written tool used to detail the verbal agreements roommates often engage in when living together. This document is basically a contract form with the language to cover common aspects of a lease such as rent, rental period, utilities, and amenities. In addition to these topics, it also contains an area where the roommates may document arrangements and rules regarding such things as parking, smoking/drinking, cleaning, storage, house guests, and personal property.  A wise precaution would be to document all the specifics of a living arrangement so, this form will also provide an option to attach additional provisions. Any such attached provisions should be drawn up, signed, and attached before or during the act of signing. A template form, such as this one, is particularly useful for living areas with a high turnover such as a college dormitory or off-campus housing for a group of students.

Roommate documentation is a valuable resource for all involved, but it should be understood this does not beholden the Landlord to allowing anyone who is has not signed the Master Lease to live on the property upon its termination. Nonetheless, this should be considered a binding contract as each roommate who signs it will agree to be bound by its terms relating, through that signature, in relation to the property and the other signature parties.

  • University of Wyoming Roommate AgreementAdobe PDF