Iowa Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Iowa Roommate Agreement has been developed to handle recording the details of a living arrangement that two or more roommates intend on entering. It is important to record specifics such as when rent is due or how much of the security deposit each roommate must supply. The act of recording such information serves as a safeguard agains potential confusion down the line on what was agreed upon. Typically, sitting down before filling this form out to make sure all the roommates have addressed each other’s concerns and that specifics such as the due date for the rent and key deposits are made clear is strongly recommended.

It is crucial that when it is time to fill in the information requested by this form that none of the provisions will cause a breach of the terms stated in the Master Lease. The Master Tenant and Landlord have a separate agreement and it is wholly on the shoulders of the Master Tenant to make sure that nothing in an agreement with roommates will cause him or her to violate the Master List. After all, this would be counterproductive to the goal. Thus, in a case where several roommates are sharing the expenses in off-campus housing, the agreement they fill out here must stay well within the Master Tenant’s ability to provide.

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