Illinois Roommate Agreement Form – PDF – Word

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The Illinois Roommate Agreement serves its users as a method for clearly documenting the terms and conditions where two or more human beings have agreed to honor in a living situation. Ideally, such an agreement should cover as much ground as possible as this will help ensure an amicable living arrangement. That is, one where all the roommates uphold their obligations as stated in an agreement and thus have all their concerns met. This form will attempt to be as inclusive as possible so that anyone’s needs will be addressed. For instance, a group of college students may enjoy some paperwork noting how cleaning and groceries will be handled while an independent contractor may wish to solidify a certain amount of storage (if available). Obviously, standard issues must be covered as well. For instance, it is imperative to also pay close attention to sections defining such items as the rent amount.

The form available on this page may be downloaded or opened using the links below the image. Before filling it out, make sure that all the roommates have met and discussed the details that will be entered. Each roommate should sign his or her Name after reviewing it. This agreement will be binding once it is signed between roommates but will exclude the Landlord or Property Owner holding an agreement with the Master Tenant(s). Thus, enabling each roommate a certain amount of security in their living situation while minimizing the involvement of the Landlord/Property Owner. It should be noted that none of the terms defined on this document should contain permissions which exceed those given the Master Tenant in the Master Lease.

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