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Virginia Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Virginia roommate agreement is useful for roommates seeking a written acknowledgment of the terms the roommates have agreed to. This template form was developed as a reusable contract for the benefit of the individuals wishing to share a residential property as renters. Normally, one or two of the roommates will sign a Master Lease and, provided it is allowed by the Master Lease, the other roommates will co-exist by paying their portion of the rent and living up to their responsibilities. This document primarily administers the binding language necessary to set up a basic leasing agreement with the wording required to outline the internal conditions that the roommates should wisely negotiate through.

The benefits of writing out the living arrangement reached by the roommates are clear regardless of the situation. By having a written promise, a Master Tenant may rest assured knowing that each of the roommates intend to pay their portion of the rent, that a student may solidify quiet/study time, that a car owner would be able to verify his or her parking space, and that all roommates (as a group) may come to an understanding regarding personal property, cleaning, shopping, utilities, etc. It is strongly recommended that each roommate read this agreement carefully and retain a signed copy for his or her records. Once signed, this will be a signed contract that is enforceable in a court of law.

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