Virginia Rental Lease Agreements

Virginia rental lease agreements allow a person (Landlord/Lessor) who owns or holds a lease on a property to authorize someone else (Tenant/Lessee) to occupy the space in exchange for monthly payments. It is standard procedure to accept a rental application for prospective tenants in order to screen the person’s credit and to make sure that they are financially worthy for a lease. This process will also verify the prospective tenant’s interest in the rental unit.

Laws – Title 55.1, Chapter 12 (Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act) & § 55.1-1600 (Form of a Lease)

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A Virginia residential lease agreement is a rental contract between a landlord and a tenant that binds them together for a predetermined period of time (commonly 12 months). The items usually most negotiated between the parties are the following: Rental amount Utility payments – Electricity, water, heat, air conditioning (if any), cable, etc. Fees – Pets (if any) and parking Garbage/waste management The landlord may…


A Virginia rental application allows a landlord to legally accept a tenant’s employment and background information to view their credit history. The information given must be accurate as one error may leave the landlord unable to verify the person’s credit score. References such as previous landlords and employers may be checked as well, but most of the time it is not necessary unless it is…


A Virginia month-to-month rental agreement is a binding residential contract that is structured so that the term updates on a monthly basis by payment of rent. Upon acceptance of the rental payment by the landlord, the agreement continues and renews for another thirty (30) days. In other words, there is no end date to the contract as long as the tenant pays rent, usually on the…


A Virginia move in – move out residential condition report is usually filled in upon move-in by a tenant to ensure that there is no damage to the rental unit. If they discover damage, the lessee should take note of it on the document so that when he or she moves out and the landlord inspects the facility, the repair is not blamed on the…


A Virginia sublease agreement allows a tenant who is under a lease agreement to rent the same space to someone else (Sublessee). The contract may be for the entire property or portion of the space. The term of the agreement cannot go further than that of the current lease with the landlord. Most standard lease agreements have subletting prohibited, so it is a good idea…


A Virginia roommate agreement is useful for roommates seeking a written acknowledgment of the terms the roommates have agreed to. This template form was developed as a reusable contract for the benefit of the individuals wishing to share a residential property as renters. Normally, one or two of the roommates will sign a Master Lease and, provided it is allowed by the Master Lease, the…


A Virginia commercial lease agreement is a document that property owners/managers can use to bind a tenant into a legal agreement to rent a space for business purposes. The tenant may be an individual or business entity and the property may be used as industrial, retail, or office space. The lease agreement must be drafted to suit both parties involved, and the breakdown of the…