Free Commercial Lease Agreements

Below is a list of commercial lease agreements for use only with industrial, office, and retail-related property. There are two main types:

  • Triple Net (NNN) – The tenant is responsible for paying a sum every month to the landlord in addition to paying all the expenses related to the property including but not limited to: utilities, common area maintenance (CAM’s), property insurance and taxes. This is common in urban areas and among larger companies that want to be in charge of their own expenses.
  • Gross – The tenant is responsible for paying a single amount to the landlord every month. While the landlord is responsible for all utilities and expenses in relation to the property including: utilities, common area maintenance (CAM’s), insurance and property taxes.

Personal Guaranty

It is advised for any landlord that the tenant sign a personal guaranty in case the business is not profitable. For most major entities, this is not needed, but a typical landlord will be “fitting up” the space and usually will not expect a return until the tenant has been occupying the property for some time.


It is advised that any commercial lease is signed in the presence of a notary public to protect each party.

Commercial Lease Agreements by State