Florida Commercial Lease Agreement – Microsoft Word

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The Florida commercial lease agreement is used to legally bind a tenant into a rental arrangement for retail, office, or industrial space. It is standard in a commercial lease to have the landlord create a “vanilla box” layout for the amount of space (usually by the square foot (SF)) being rented). The term is usually around three (3) years as both parties will be investing more money than a standard residential agreement. It is advised that landlords have the tenant personally guaranty the contract in situations where the tenant wants the name of their entity to be on the agreement. This will give the power to the landlord and security that if the business being operated ever should not be able to pay rent, the person’s assets are available to legally pursue. If the agreement is for any long term arrangement or if the property requires a costly fit up before the tenant should occupy the space, it is a good idea to have the signatures notarized to better protect both parties.

Laws – Chapter 83 Landlord and Tenant Part I Non-Residential Tenancies (ss. 83.001-83.251)