Florida Rental Lease Agreements

Florida lease agreements allow a landlord to rent commercial or residential property to a tenant for a monthly fee (“rent”). To avoid eviction, it is recommended to screen applicants through the use of a rental application and verify all employment, references, and prior rental history. The terms and conditions of all lease contracts should be negotiated by both parties prior to signing. Once the signatures of both parties are inscribed, the document becomes legally binding.

Laws – Chapter 83 (Landlord and Tenant)

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A Florida residential lease agreement binds a landlord and tenant to rent a property on a fixed term usually for a one (1) year period. Before making an agreement, the landlord will usually run the tenant’s credit through a rental application and, if approved, begin the process. At the time of lease signing, the tenant is obligated to pay a security deposit, 1st month’s rent,…


A Florida month-to-month rental agreement is a legal contract between a landlord and tenant that continues every thirty (30) days until it is terminated by either party. The landlord would be wise to perform a credit and background check to ensure the applicant is financially responsible enough to pay rent every month. They will also probably decide to charge a security deposit equal to one…


A Florida rental application may be used to screen any potential lessee for a property to verify that they claim to have the job, references, and prior rental history qualifications to rent a specific property. The person accepting the form may charge a non-refundable fee which not only pays for any fees arising from the lookup but also shows the true interest of the party…


A Florida landlord-tenant move-in checklist should be completed when a new tenant moves into a property so both landlord and tenant can look through the property and report any pre-existing damage in the space. At the time of move-out, the parties will walk through the property and see if there is any new damage. This process is a helpful way to make sure that there…


A Florida commercial lease agreement is used to legally bind a tenant into a rental arrangement for an office, retail, or industrial space. It is standard with commercial leases for the landlord to fit the space with a “vanilla box” layout that may be altered by the tenant according to the company’s needs. Since both parties may be investing a significant amount of money into…


A Florida residential lease agreement with an option to purchase is a form that allows a tenant and landlord to enter into a binding contract wherein the tenant has the option to buy the rental property if they so choose. Whether or not the tenant decides to activate the option’s portion of the lease, the agreement should be treated like any rental contract and is…


A Florida roommate agreement is a re-usable template form geared for individuals wishing to share a living space. This can apply to a house, off-campus housing for students, or even an apartment complex. This form will supply the language required to establish roommate responsibilities and other important living conditions. Terms such as rent amount, division of utilities, and groceries and other household purchases are important…


A Florida sublease agreement is made for tenant relationships in which one (1) person is under contract with the landlord and wishes to rent part or the entirety of the space to another individual (sublessee). Any signed sublease agreement cannot extend past the term of the original lease. It is understood by all parties that the landlord must be paid by the original tenant whether…