Florida Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Florida Roommate Agreement is a re-usable template form geared for individuals wishing to share a living space. This can apply to a house, off campus housing for students, or even an apartment complex. This form will supply the language required for to frame the details that need to be solicited between roommates. For instance, how much rent must each person pay? How will the Utilities be divided? How will grocery shopping for the household be handled? These are just some of the questions that should be determined so that a proper agreement between roommates may be forged. By placing these details in writing, roommates will both avoid future confusion over what was said and have a guideline for their responsibilities. There will be the added benefit of the security of a signed contract provided as well.

This form is available as a PDF or a Word File directly from this page. You may download and print as many as necessary or you may open the form using a form friendly browser. If you have an editing program for either PDF or Word, you may use it to enter information as well. This document may also be printed then filled out manually. Make sure you have ample copies for each roommate and (if applicable) the landlord.