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Kansas Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Kansas Roommate Agreement handles the documentation of a set of rules or terms that several roommates have agreed to abide by when living together. This is a simple matter of filling in a few blanks as the form itself will contain the language required to outline the general expectations of a lease. Examples of some of these items would include matters such as when the rent is due, how housecleaning will be handled, or how the utilities will be paid for. All of the issues that may arise must be addressed early on while filling out this form once the details required by the Master Lease have been reported.

This form will provide enough room for three roommates to sign their names, binding each of them to the obligations and responsibilities he or she has agreed to in order to be a roommate in that household. If there are more roommates in this situation or if there are additional provisions, this document allows for these additions to be made. This may be done either by editing the document with a compatible software program or by simply adding an attachment and citing its title in the appropriate area.

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