Kansas Rental Lease Agreements

Kansas lease agreements let a landlord and tenant enter into a binding contract over the use and renting of property. The terms are to be negotiated by the two (2) parties but usually involve a rental application to be completed by the potential tenant. This application will help determine whether the tenant will be capable of paying their rent and how much of an upfront deposit the landlord will require.

Laws – Chapter 58, Article 25 (Landlords and Tenants)

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A Kansas residential lease agreement for one (1) year is a contract between a property owner (lessor) and a tenant seeking to rent livable space. The main area of negotiation is usually the monthly rental price but it is best to start the process after the credit application has been completed so that the landlord may be able to see what type of lessee he…


A Kansas rental application is used by landlords to verify that a potential lessee is capable of paying the monthly rental amount on time. An applicant should follow the instructions and fill in the following to help the landlord find out more about themselves: Social Security Number – For the credit report to make sure there are no outstanding debts that would get in the way…


A Kansas month-to-month rental arrangement, also known as a “tenancy at will”, allows the landlord and tenant to come to terms on a contract that can be changed at any time with at least thirty (30) days notice. Ideal for short term tenants so they can vacate the premises at any time or for landlords not looking for a long-term arrangement. Adobe PDF Microsoft Word…


A Kansas commercial lease agreement can be used by any property owner seeking to rent space to an individual or entity for business use. The most common types of uses are for retail, office, and industrial space. Since the landlord will usually build the space to fit the tenant’s needs, the lease term is usually longer than residential leases, often between three (3) and five…


A Kansas Roommate Agreement handles the documentation of a set of rules or terms that several roommates have agreed to abide by when living together. This is a simple matter of filling in a few blanks as the form itself will contain the language required to outline the general expectations of a lease. Examples of some of these items would include matters such as when…


A Kansas sublease agreement form is for tenants that currently occupy space under a lease agreement and would like to re-rent the same property to someone else, also referred to as the “Sublessee”. Most standard lease agreements forbid subletting so the tenant may have to get written permission from the landlord in order to do this. The sublessor, or original tenant, is fully responsible for…