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Kansas Rental Application | PDF – MS Word

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A Kansas rental application is used by landlords to verify that a potential lessee is capable of paying the monthly rental amount on time. An applicant should follow the instructions and fill in the following to help the landlord find out more about themselves:

  • Social Security Number – For the credit report to make sure there are no outstanding debts that would get in the way of paying rent every month.
  • Driver’s License Number – This helps with the credit verification and if the landlord decides to perform a background check.
  • Current Employer – To help verify income to make sure the rental amount is affordable (Should be no more than 33% of your monthly take-home pay).
  • Any Vehicles – Parking can be specified in some areas with limited space. This is to make sure that if a lease is granted the tenant’s car will not be towed.
  • Fee – Some landlords charge a fee for this service to cover the charges by performing the lookups.

Maximum Rental Application Fee ($)

In Kansas, there is no statute that restricts how much a landlord may charge a tenant for an application fee.