Kansas Sublease Agreement Form – PDF Template

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The sublease agreement for Kansas is for tenants that currently occupy space under a lease agreement and would like to re-rent the same property to someone else, also referred to as the “Sublessee”. Most standard lease agreements forbid subletting so the tenant may have to get written permission from the landlord in order to do this.

The sublessor, or original tenant, is fully responsible for the actions made by the sublessee including;

  • Rental Payment – Even if rent is not paid, the full amount is still due to the landlord as stated in the master lease
  • Property Damage
  • Vacating
  • Breaking of Original Lease – If the sublessee violates the master lease agreement the landlord may be able to evict the original tenant as a result
  • Eviction – If the sublessee does not leave the premises at the agreements end date or violates it, the sublessor is responsible for all legal costs associated with an eviction.

For the reasons above it is recommended that every sublessee be screened through the use of the rental application.

  • The sublessor is required to attach the lead paint disclosure form and make sure the sublessee is aware of any that is in existence on the premises.