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North Dakota Sublease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A North Dakota sublease agreement is designated for tenants who are looking to re-rent their home or residential unit to someone else for the remainder of their lease term. The new tenant, or ‘sublessee’, does not have to rent the entire space and may decide to occupy a room or a portion of the living unit.

The original tenant, or ‘sublessor,’ is responsible for all legal and payment obligations meaning that if rent is not paid, the sublessor still owes the landlord the amount as stated in the master lease. Also, the sublessor is responsible for vacating the premises, including any sublessee’s on the property. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the sublessor get the sublessee to complete a rental application to prove their creditworthiness.

  • The sublessor must make sure the housing unit was built after 1978 otherwise will need to supply the sublessee the disclosure form that cautions the exposure of lead paint that may exist.