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North Dakota Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A North Dakota roommate agreement is useful to roommates intent on producing a written report on the terms each party has agreed to. Once this form has been completed (with the information supplied by the preparer) and signed by each roommate, it will be considered a legal contract holding each signature party responsible for following the terms and conditions defined therein. The information supplied will consist of two components: the terms that every lease has and those that relate only to the roommates. As a result, this agreement will exclude the landlord but still hold the master tenant responsible for adhering to its terms after he or she signs it.

This paperwork may be generated by anyone who is about to enter a roommate situation and will apply to all situations where the roommates have provided a signature. This means regardless of whether the living arrangement is a dormitory on a college campus or a private house with a mix of university students and professionals, the completed form will serve as a binding agreement once signed.

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