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New York Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A New York roommate agreement summarizes the terms that two or more individuals pledge to follow when living together as cohabitants in a rental property. It should be noted that while this form will obligate the signature roommates to each other, it will have no bearing on the landlord or property owner. The landlord is only obligated as far as the master lease states and only to the tenant who has signed said master lease.

In addition to documenting the basic facts entailed in a rental situation, the roommate agreement will provide additional subjects that are unique to roommates. Subjects such as how the utilities will be split up and parking arrangements will be covered. The areas that would be considered unique to a living arrangement have been left blank, so they may be filled out as the situation dictates. Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to state any other provisions or limitations that should apply to one or all the roommates. Once this document is signed, however, these conditions are set. Thus, each signature party must have participated in a logical discussion when negotiating the terms before this form is filled out.

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