New York Rental Lease Agreements

New York lease agreements are contracts used by landlords to authorize a tenant for a rental property. The most common length of time is a one (1) year lease; however, tenants will often rent on a month-to-month basis, sublease, roommate, and other types of tenancy. Once the agreement is signed by the landlord (lessor) and tenant (lessee), the document is legally binding for the term of the lease.

Laws – Article 7 (Real Property) – Landlord and Tenant

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A New York residential lease agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant for the occupation of rental property for a fixed term (commonly 1-year). This is the most widely used rental real estate contract for homes, apartments, trailers, and any other types of housing units. It is recommended that the property owner or manager verify the credit and employment information given by a…


A New York month-to-month lease is a real estate contract for shorter-term rentals that allow the property owner or lessee to modify or cancel the agreement at any time with at least one (1) month’s notice to the other party. It is recommended that the landlord collects one month’s rent for the security deposit in case the tenant does not pay and if any damage…


A New York rental application is the most widely used credit form to screen tenants before a landlord decides to rent to them. The applicant may be charged a nonrefundable application fee; however, this varies from lessor to lessor. The application processing usually takes two (2) to three (3) days depending on the availability of the references. The landlord will usually want to verify the…


A New York sublease agreement form is designed for tenants that are already renting property and would like to rent either a part of or the entire space to someone else. This allows the tenant that is holding the original lease agreement to vacate the property early, or for a period of time, or if he or she would like a roommate to help with…


A New York commercial lease agreement allows the renting of retail, industrial, or office space between a property manager/owner and an individual or entity. This type of arrangement is usually three (3) to five (5) years long with the tenant typically having the option to renew for more years at a predetermined rental rate. If the landlord is accepting a new business, they should require…


A New York roommate agreement summarizes the terms that two or more individuals pledge to follow when living together as cohabitants in a rental property. It should be noted that while this form will obligate the signature roommates to each other, it will have no bearing on the landlord or property owner. The landlord is only obligated as far as the master lease states and…