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Massachusetts Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Massachusetts Roommate Agreement delivers a method for roommates to document the living arrangements they agreed to. This is conducive to a mutually beneficial living arrangement since it removes any confusion factor over what was said when the agreement was first set to action. Even with the best intentions roommates may remember different versions of the same agreement. For instance, a group of students sharing an apartment may not necessarily remember what was said six months prior to a disagreement. Since the Master Lease does not apply to the agreement set between roommates, a written document signed by all parties will remove differences in opinion on what the original terms were.

The Landlord does not have any real obligation to roommates who have not signed the Master Lease. A written document will provide non-signature roommates with the security of having a contract for their living arrangements and provide the Master Tenant with the security that a certain amount of money will be paid to so he or she may be allowed to share the living quarters. The roommate agreement will contain certain considerations that apply to more than one individual sharing a domicile. Issues such as Utility Payments and Storage are examples of such subjects. That being said, it should be kept in mind that any terms the roommates enter and agree too on this form must fall within the limits of the Master Lease Agreement between the Landlord/Property Owner and Master Tenant/Head Roommate.

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