Massachusetts Rental Lease Agreements

Massachusetts lease agreements are available for any lessor (person collecting rent from the property) to allow a lessee to pay rent to occupy space. In addition, to covering the term of the lease and payment agreement, these contracts also include the landlord’s policies regarding the usage of the property and prohibited activities. Before approving a lease agreement, landlords will often require potential tenants to undergo a rental application process to determine their creditworthiness.

Laws – Chapter 186 (Estates for Years and at Will), Tenant Rights, and Landlord and Tenant Rights

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A Massachusetts residential lease agreement is a fixed-term agreement between a landlord and tenant for the use of property in return for rent. Prior to signing an agreement, a landlord may require a tenant to complete a rental application to verify their income and credit. A landlord is not allowed to charge a fee for conducting a credit check (Chapter 186, § 15B(b)), although, licensed…


A Massachusetts rental application allows a property owner or Sublessor (in the case of a sublease) to be able to check and verify a person’s credit and background, as well as their history with other landlords. The landlord is able to charge a fee if desired to cover the costs for the credit report and for the time and effort to make sure the tenant…


A Massachusetts month-to-month rental agreement (otherwise known as a “Tenancy at Will”) is a real estate contract for residential property that has no termination date and is renewed monthly. The document has no end date but can be changed or terminated with written notice to one another and at least thirty (30) days notice (unless otherwise stated in the agreement). The landlord is recommended to…


A Massachusetts sublease agreement form is for tenants currently under a lease agreement seeking to rent a portion or all of their space to someone else. Before entering into any binding contract, the main tenant should make sure that subletting is allowed under their original agreement. Permission from the landlord or property manager may also be required (which can be done by sending a written…


A Massachusetts commercial lease agreement is a real estate contract presented to a tenant that intends to occupy a commercial space for business use. Unless the tenant is looking to take the space “as-is,” the landlord may have to invest some money into the property to remodel and give the lessee a “vanilla box” shell to operate. Whether it is an office, retail, or industrial…


A Massachusetts Roommate Agreement delivers a method for roommates to document the living arrangements they agreed to. This is conducive to a mutually beneficial living arrangement since it removes any confusion factor over what was said when the agreement was first set to action. Even with the best intentions roommates may remember different versions of the same agreement. For instance, a group of students sharing…