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Massachusetts Rental Application | PDF

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A Massachusetts rental application allows a property owner or Sublessor (in the case of a sublease) to be able to check and verify a person’s credit and background, as well as their history with other landlords. The landlord is able to charge a fee if desired to cover the costs for the credit report and for the time and effort to make sure the tenant is qualified to pay the amount every month. Once the credit check has been completed and the potential lessee’s results are satisfactory, the landlord may draft a written lease for the rental unit in question for the lessee to sign.

Rental Applications (2)


Standard Rental Application

Download: Adobe PDF





Greater Boston Rental Application

Download: Adobe PDF





Maximum Application Fee ($)

Landlords are NOT ALLOWED to collect a rental application fee in the State of Massachusetts. Although, a Realtor or Rental Agent may collect the fee in order to run a criminal history and credit check (Section 15B(1)(b) & § 254 CMR 7.00(1)).

‘No Record’ – An applicant may answer ‘No Record’ when being asked about “prior arrests, criminal court appearances or convictions” on the rental application (c.276 § 100A).