Massachusetts Month to Month Rental Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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Download the free Massachusetts month to month rental agreement (otherwise known as a “Tenancy at Will”) to enter into a real estate contract for residential property. The document has no end date but can be changed or terminated with written notice to one another and at least thirty (30) days notice (unless otherwise stated in the agreement).

The landlord is recommended to accept a credit application to verify that the potential lessee can pay rent and has a good history of leasing with other landlords/management companies. Otherwise the landlord may accept a Security Deposit and collect last month’s rent so that if the tenant does not pay the landlord will be covered for a thirty (30) day period of non-payment.

  • If the housing unit was built prior to 1978, the Lead Paint Disclosure is required to be signed and attached to the original document.

Terminating a Tenancy at Will

Either the landlord or tenant may cancel this agreement by providing the minimum required time-frame of 30 days (per Chapter 186 ยง 12).

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