Ohio Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.docx)
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The Ohio Roommate Agreement generally acts as a standard contractual tool when several roommates have decided to share living quarters. In any situation where multiple individuals and personalities get mixed in, it should be expected that original agreements or terms may be forgotten or misconstrued down the line. This can create a potentially uncomfortable disagreement when the subject involves a living arrangement. Happily, setting leasing terms for roommates on paper will rectify this problem nicely. In fact, most points of contention may be dissolved simply by referring to a signed agreement. Such a precaution can be invaluable tool especially if the roommates are first time renters, college students, travelers, or someone who has not been in a roommate situation for a long time.

This form may be filled out by anyone, although typically, this will be the Master Tenant. After all, any terms recorded on this form must be well within the rights afforded to the Master Tenant by the lease signed with the Landlord or Property Owner. The benefits of setting the individual roommate terms on paper here is that certain facts such as how much each person will be required to pay may be reported for each individual in one place. Roommate specific issues such as kitchen details, quiet hours, and even parking will also be discussed. Make sure when filling this form out that all the roommates concerned have already fully agreed to the terms being entered. This level of communication during negotiations will ensure a quick process that will yield beneficial long term benefits.