Colorado Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Colorado Roommate Agreement, a popular informal contract with college students, acts as a tool to solidify the rules and relationships in a household between two or more people cohabiting in a residence. Such an agreement should preclude the terms listed in the Master Lease. However, since the Master Lease will only apply to the Main Tenant who has signed it, a separate agreement should be developed and executed between all the roommates in a domicile. While the Master Tenant cannot agree to any specifics entered on this form that surpass those on the Master Lease, certain facts such as each Roommate’s Rental Period, Amount, and Due Date should be put on paper. In many cases, this provides both a security to each participant and guideline for each roommate’s responsibilities.

Roommates should make it a point to meet and discuss the individual items required on this form. This will provide a clear level of communication that each individual will enjoy. Once the items have been discussed and agreed upon, they should be filled in. Each roommate should read the completed document then provide their acknowledgement through a binding signature upon approval.