Colorado Rental Lease Agreements

Colorado lease contracts are for landlords and tenants to create a mutual agreement over the renting of residential or commercial space for monthly payment. It is recommended for the landlord or their representative to check the credit and background of every potential renter through a rental application. If the qualifications are met, the parties can engage in negotiations and sign an agreement.

Laws – Title 38, Article 12 (Tenants and Landlords)

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A Colorado residential lease agreement is a contract used by landlords to set up a rental arrangement on a monthly basis with a lessee (tenant). The length is usually one (1) year but may be any term as agreed upon by the parties involved. It is recommended in Colorado that a property owner seek the validation of the prospective tenant’s profile by having them fill…


A Colorado rental application is used to verify a potential lessee’s credit and background information. It is typical for a management company, real estate agent, or property owner to seek the potential tenant’s background information in the hopes of trying to figure out if they can afford the property’s monthly payments. After getting the information from the potential lessee (and application fee if needed), it…


The Colorado month-to-month lease agreement is a contract binding two parties together in a rental arrangement (landlord and tenant) that allows the tenant to renew the lease each month. This is typically for temporary rental situations where the landlord and tenant do not want to enter into a long term binding agreement. This way, either party may terminate the contract with written notice to one…


A Colorado commercial lease agreement is used by a landlord to establish rental terms for a tenant seeking to lease retail, industrial, or office-related property. A standard agreement is usually between one (1) and five (5) years but can be any period so long as both parties consent to the terms. There are three (3) ways to structure the financial aspects of a commercial lease: triple…


A Colorado sublease agreement is a form designated for current tenants on a property that would like to rent part of or the entire space they are occupying to a sublessee. This type of rental arrangement is common in inner cities and around college campuses where there is a higher chance of a roommate type of situation. It is advised that sublessors perform a credit…


A Colorado roommate agreement, a popular informal contract with college students, acts as a tool to solidify the rules and relationships in a household between two or more people cohabiting in a residence. Such an agreement should preclude the terms listed in the Master Lease. However, since the Master Lease will only apply to the Main Tenant who has signed it, a separate agreement should…


The Colorado move-in checklist should be completed with the landlord upon moving into a residential unit to mark down any and all defects or damages that exist on the property. At the end of the lease term, the landlord will go through the property and ensure that there are no new damages compared to the checklist. Make sure that the landlord authorizes the document after…