New Jersey Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The New Jersey Roommate Agreement acts as a written guideline to a living arrangement, agreed to by roommates, regarding a rental property. This type of agreement will generally exist between the roommates participating in it through a signature. The Landlord will be left out of any obligations or responsibilities to anyone but the Master Tenant(s) who has entered an agreement with him or her. That is, as far as the Landlord is concerned, the Rental Property is being leased to only those on the Master Lease. As a result this agreement should be signed by the Master Tenant and all the Roommates once the individual articles of information have been entered accordingly, but not the Landlord or Property Owner.

Since this contract form is focused on the living arrangements between roommates, there will several areas that will aid these individual(s) in defining an organized agreement. For instance, this form will provide an area to name an individual portion of the Utility Bill to each person. This enables the roommates to adjust their agreement according to what everyone would consider fair. Consider a married college couple sharing a rental unit with a single retiree. Each individual may have different concerns that should be addressed accordingly.

Once this contract has been successfully negotiated by all the concerned parties it should be signed and dated. This is a re-usable form so the unedited version may be saved and reproduced at the user’s discretion.

  • Rutgers University (New Brunswick) Roommate AgreementAdobe PDF