North Carolina Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.docx)
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The North Carolina Roommate Agreement delivers an appropriate method for solidifying roommate arrangements in relation to a shared living situation. The act of signing this document will act as proof to what terms a roommate has agreed to at the time the living arrangement was entered. It may not seem necessary at first thought, however, this will help any misunderstandings from developing by simply providing a written record of the original agreement.

This contract form has been developed strictly for the use of roommate situations. That is, this does not constitute an agreement under a Master Lease from the Landlord or Property Owner, so it will not obligate such an entity. It will obligate the roommates, however, to follow the terms it contains. In fact, some of the provisions focus entirely on a roommate situation. This may be useful when you have a group with diverse interests. Take a group of university students consisting of an engineer, a pre-med student who is engaged, a performing arts student, and a DJ. Obviously covering subjects such as Music/Sound or Overnight Guests should be a priority to (hopefully) prevent anyone from developing unrealistic expectations.

It should be mentioned that all the provisions (entered onto this form) should be reported responsibly in relation to the Master Lease Agreement held between the Master Tenant and Landlord. All terms entered must be compliant with such documentation. Each roommate signing this document should take care in reading the provisions carefully before signing the finished product.

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