North Carolina Rental Lease Agreements

North Carolina rental agreements are contracts to be used between a landlord and tenant for commercial or residential property. The document allows the negotiated terms to be made in regard to the monthly rental payment ($), security deposit, term, utilities, and any other item to be agreed upon. Once the form is signed it is legally binding until the contract’s end date.

Laws – NC Gen Stat § 42 – Landlord and Tenant

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A North Carolina residential lease agreement is for landlords and tenants making a lease that is most commonly a one (1) year term. The agreement establishes rent payments made each month and other terms and conditions that will dictate the relationship between the parties. Before authorizing an agreement, the landlord will usually check the tenant’s credit, employment, and rental history along with verifying his or…


A North Carolina month-to-month rental agreement, or a “tenancy at will”, is common among tenants that have over-extended their one year lease, or for those looking for a short term arrangement. This type of contract allows either party to change the terms of the contract with at least seven (7) days’ written notice to the other party (usually done through a courier service or a…


A North Carolina rental application is a legal document that allows a landlord, property manager, or real estate agent (including realtors) to research a potential tenant’s credit and references. The verification may only begin upon the signature of the tenant, and the party providing this service is entitled to charge a nonrefundable fee at their sole discretion. It takes at its longest a few days…


A North Carolina sublease agreement is a rental contract employed by a tenant (sublessor) that is on the property with a valid lease agreement and agrees to rent the same property to someone else (sublessee). The agreement can be for all or part of the property and usually, the landlord must sign-off or at least be notified of the contract. It should be understood that…


A North Carolina Roommate Agreement delivers a method for solidifying roommate arrangements in relation to a shared living situation. The act of signing this document will serve as proof as to what terms a roommate has agreed to at the time the living arrangement was entered into. It may not seem necessary at first thought, however, this will help any misunderstandings from developing by simply…


A North Carolina commercial lease agreement is a legal document that details all provisions regarding the leasing of industrial, retail, and office space. The two parties involved, a business entity (the tenant) and a landlord, can discuss the terms and conditions relayed within the form prior to signing to ensure that each party is satisfied with the division of costs and responsibilities. Once the two have…