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Vermont Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Vermont roommate agreement is a written acknowledgment for roommates which verifies their consent to the living arrangement described in the agreement. The intent of such an agreement should be to clearly define all the rules required to live in the rental property as required by the roommates as a whole. Once an accurate representation of the house rules (i.e., cleaning, storage, personal property, house guests) and the basic lease terms have been entered into this document, each roommate should provide his or her signature to validate the agreement.

This form is easily utilized and can be reused at a future date (as a template), making it ideal for university students or those starting out in the first place. It also remains relevant for more seasoned individuals who wish to document the terms of their living arrangements. Two important facts to keep in mind when completing this document is that all the information entered must be well within the boundaries of the Master Lease applying to the situation and that only roommates signing this agreement may be considered bound by it.

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