Vermont Rental Lease Agreements

Vermont rental lease agreements are contracts that allows a tenant to occupy a landlord’s property for a designated period of time. When authorizing a lease agreement for a residential property in Vermont, the landlord should first take an accounting of the tenant’s credit, background, and rental history. By checking with the sources and references provided, he or she should be able to make a decision on whether the person is qualified for a standard residential lease agreement.

Laws – Title 9, Chapter 137 (Residential Rental Agreements)

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A Vermont residential lease agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant that states the terms and conditions under which the lessee may occupy the rented property. The term is generally for one (1) year but can be altered if agreed upon by the parties. The tenant will usually be required to pay a small fee and undergo a credit check through the rental…


A Vermont month-to-month rental agreement allows a tenant to occupy residential property from a landlord on a monthly basis. Payment of rent is listed in the agreement and is usually required on the first (1st) of every month. Upon acceptance, the agreement automatically updates for another thirty (30) days and each party must continue to hold the terms and conditions. Minimum Termination Notice Either party…


A Vermont rental application is a resource a landlord may use to verify the source of a potential tenant’s credit, past employment, current income, background, and previous history with other property owners and managers. The landlord is allowed to charge a fee for conducting this type of search. Depending on the strictness of the landlord, it may take anywhere from fifteen (15) minutes to a…


A Vermont sublease agreement is used when a tenant decides to re-rent residential space they currently have under a lease with a landlord. Typically around universities, students will often use a sublease to arrange for another person to occupy and pay rent while they leave for summer or Christmas break. Most standard lease agreements do not allow the function of subletting and a tenant may have…


The Vermont roommate agreement is a written acknowledgment for roommates which verifies their consent to the living arrangement described in the agreement. The intent of such an agreement should be to clearly define all the rules required to live in the rental property as required by the roommates as a whole. Once an accurate representation of the house rules (i.e., cleaning, storage, personal property, house…


A Vermont commercial lease agreement is a contract that binds a landlord and a tenant to a legal agreement for the rental of business real estate. The property may be used for industrial, commercial, or office purposes and will often be out-fitted by the landlord to suit the tenant’s business. The lease will need to include the length of the agreement, the base rent, and…