Indiana Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Indiana Roommate Agreement should be considered a binding contract between two or more people who have agreed to live together in one residence. This agreement is only between the roommates and does not involve the Landlord as the Master Lease does. Thus, if a group of college students decided to rent a house, only the ones who sign the Master Lease will hold an agreement with the Landlord while each roommate who signs this agreement will hold an agreement with the other roommates. This is not to say that roommates who have not signed the Master Lease can ignore any part of that agreement. This form will provide the areas necessary to keep the roommate agreement well within the boundaries of the Master Lease, so long as this information is entered correctly. That is, if the Master Tenant holds the Master Lease for one year, the time period defined in this document must be less than one year. Another advantage to this agreement is the above board manner in which Security Deposit shares and other responsibilities that must be assumed by ever signature roommate will have a place to be clearly defined for future reference.

  • Indiana University Roommate AgreementAdobe PDF