Hawaii Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The Hawaii Roommate Agreement supplies the required language to set the mutually determined basic terms (of a lease strictly between roommates) on paper. The basic terms outlined in this document will concern aspects such as Rental Period, Utility Payments, Cleaning Schedules, and virtually any other matter that would affect an individual’s home life. Setting such agreements to paper has been a proven way of avoiding unpleasantries that sometimes arise between cohabitants because there is no room for hearsay. It is, after all, on paper. It is worth noting this contract form should be reviewed carefully once completed by all the roommates. This document will exert a binding power through the roommate’s signatures so it is important that everyone is on the same page at the time of signing.

The roommates can outline whatever provisions they wish. A good deal of topics have been supplied in this form and the roommates may include additional tenets to their agreement however these must remain within the limits of the Master Lease. For instance, a group of college students may wish to include specific time periods for studying or make certain considerations for an individual’s payment due dates so long as none of these conditions clash directly with the Master Lease. In this example, a roommate who is allowed to pay a few days after the main rent is due should not affect the Landlord’s ability to collect rent from the Master Tenant leaving the rest of the roommates to make up the balance (with the Master Tenant being held responsible by the landlord).

Ultimately, the Landlord and the Master Tenant have a clear agreement in place meaning that a Master Tenant will be the one responsible for fulfilling the Landlord agreed upon expectations. This document obligates the roommates to each other (according to the provisions contained) but will not obligate the landlord to the roommates nor obligate the roommates who have not signed the Master Lease to the Landlord.

  • University of Hawaii (Manoa) Roommate AgreementAdobe PDF