Hawaii Rental Lease Agreements

Hawaii lease agreements is a real estate contract that allows a person to rent property from someone else. This includes apartments, rooms, and houses. A potential tenant is commonly screened using a rental application and once approved a lease is signed. The tenant will need to pay 1st month’s rent and a security deposit immediately after signing.

Laws – Chapter 521 – Residential Landlord-Tenant Code (Section Directory | Table of Contents)

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A Hawaii rental application allows a landlord or sublessor to view a tenant’s credit and background information. This simply allows the landlord to verify the tenant’s income, their employment history, credit score, and verify with previous landlords that the applicant doesn’t have a negative rental history. The landlord is allowed to charge a non-refundable fee for this service ($25 to $50) and it should take…


A Hawaii residential lease agreement allows a person (tenant) to occupy a residential dwelling in exchange for monthly payments to a landlord. The standard rental period is twelve (12) months but this can be negotiated by both parties if need be. The landlord may request that the prospective tenant complete a rental application form so they can properly determine their eligibility for the property. Once…


The Hawaii month-to-month rental agreement allows a person to be able to rent residential space from a landlord on a monthly basis. This means that either party may issue a notice at any time to change or void the agreement (as long as the minimum termination notice period is adhered to). It is recommended that the landlord seek one (1) months’ security deposit and one…


The Hawaii commercial lease agreement allows a lessor (owner) and lessee (tenant) to negotiate and agree upon terms regarding the renting of commercial property located within the State. If the tenant is a business entity, the landlord should search their status with the Secretary of State to make sure that it is in good standing (see business search below). Regardless, the business should be properly…


A Hawaii sublease agreement allows a tenant (sublessor) currently under a lease agreement to rent part or the entirety of the property to another individual (sublessee). Most residential leases forbid subletting so the tenant may have to get written permission from the landlord to make sure that the arrangement is acceptable. The sublessor should know that once the sublease agreement is authorized that they are…


A Hawaii roommate agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of a living arrangement between two (2) or more roommates. The basic terms include rental period, amount of rent per roommate, utility payments, cleaning, and other household responsibilities. Having such provisions written down in a legally binding contract helps avoid arguments and disagreements relating to the living situation. Additional terms not initially contained within the contract…