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South Carolina Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

License / Price: Free
Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.docx)

The South Carolina roommate agreement promotes a level of both organization and communication when used properly. This template form should be filled out after the roommates entering the agreement have discussed the terms and reached a point of mutual agreement. Those discussed terms should be entered directly onto this form, reviewed by all signing roommates, and signed by all the roommates living in the shared residence. Ultimately, this provides each individual with the reference material necessary to fully adhere to the agreement made.

This type of agreement should not be confused with the Master Lease signed with the Landlord. That document will enable the Tenants who have signed it the right to maintain a domicile so long as they remain compliant with its terms. Similarly, a roommate agreement will act as a promise between the roommates that solidifies their place in the domicile with the other roommates. It does not make the Landlord responsible for any roommate who has not signed the Master Lease and this should be kept in mind at all times. As an additional consideration when filling out this form, any term entered here may not be a term that causes a violation of the Master Lease.

Generally, it is considered a good idea to generate such paperwork when you have a couple of roommates sharing expenses. Regardless of whether the roommates are strangers, college students at a dorm, friends, or even siblings, disagreements are always a possibility as time goes by. Thus, providing terms such as each individual’s portion of the utility bills, availability of amenities, and the general house rules that apply to day-to-day life should be considered just as important as defining common lease items like rent payments, security, and time period of the rental. By setting all the promises to paper, roommates will have taken a significant step towards entering a mutually beneficial shared living agreement.

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