West Virginia Roommate Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The West Virginia Roommate Agreement, technically a written contract, will summarize the finale living arrangement two or more people intend to follow in a shared residential rental property. This is an important step to embark upon, so it should be handled responsibly. That is, some good paperwork should be generated to adequately document the agreed upon terms and conditions for being a roommate. Notice the slight (but notable) difference in being a tenant who has signed a Master Lease. For one, Master Tenant(s) is the only one who the Landlord has technically entered a binding contract. This is quite different than simply allowing someone to live on a property as a roommate. In fact, the Master Lease does not address any nonsignature parties roommate or otherwise. The burdens of any roommate contract will remain on the roommates themselves. A separate agreement is therefore valuable in that some important factors can be detailed (i.e. how much rent/utility/amenities each roommate is liable for) in a reliable manner easily referenced in the future.

The agreement itself is plainly worded and intends to cover only the minimally essential subject matters roommates should address. The individual using this form may provide additions and limitations (so long as they are legal and compliant with the Master Lease) at his or her discretion. This flexibility allows individuals from nearly all walks of life to define nearly any rental arrangement. Thus, a couple of college students in a dorm or off campus housing, a two family house with many rooms, or retirees seeking to lower their expenses may all utilize this contract to developed a signed agreement.

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