West Virginia Sublease Agreement – PDF Template

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The West Virginia sublease agreement can be used for anyone but is mostly used for students seeking to rent their residential space while not attending university. Under a subletting arrangement, the tenant that has the lease agreement with the landlord may want to check their contract to make sure that this is allowed. If not, a simple letter requesting permission must be sent.

Once validated, the original tenant, or sublessor, is allowed to seek anyone they should deem qualified to rent for a time period not to extend the master lease agreement. The sublessor should should be aware that he or she will be liable for any actions made by the new tenant, or sublessee. This includes; non-payment of rent, refusing to vacate or if the sublessor has to evict, and any damage created during the term. For these reasons it is highly recommended that a rental application be used to screen the potential sub-tenant before authorizing an agreement.