Utah Sublease Agreement Form – PDF Template

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The Utah sublease agreement is a real estate contract between a tenant who holds a lease agreement and someone else (Sublessee) seeking to occupy a portion or the entire space. It is a popular arrangement in metro areas and around university aeas when lessee’s go home for a period of time or in roommate situations. The original tenant may have to check their master lease to make sure that subletting is an allowed tenancy.

Even though the original tenant may be able to charge a higher rent than in their original agreement leasing to a sublessee has the following risks and liabilities.

Sublessor is responsible for the Sublessee:

  • To vacate the property at the proper time – If sublessee does not lease the premises, the original tenant is responsible for any possible evictions and the fees associated with it.
  • Monthly payment – The landlord is expected rent on the due date even if the sublessee does not make payment
  • Property damage
  • Term – The sublease may not extend the period of the master agreement.