Utah Rental Lease Agreements (7 Types)

Utah rental agreements are contracts designated for the leasing of residential property by a lessor to a lessee. It is advised that every agent, property owner, and manager screen their tenants before authorizing a contract to ensure that the individual is suitable to rent the property. Also, if the unit was built before 1978, the lead paint disclosure will need to be attached to the rental agreement (available below).

Laws – Utah Code Ann. Title 57, Chapter 17 & Chapter 22

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A Utah residential lease agreement is a contract for a fixed term between a property owner (landlord) or its representative and a person seeking to rent and occupy the space (tenant). After agreeing to a verbal deal, the landlord usually accepts the tenant’s credit information, background check, and prior leasing history through a Rental Application. Depending on the review process, it may take as fast…


A Utah rental application may be used to verify a tenant’s credit, perform a background check, confirm employment information including income, and review prior landlord references to determine how the person acted in previous lease agreements. In larger management offices, a simple credit score is all that is needed to decide if a lease will be granted or how much the security deposit should be….


A Utah month-to-month rental agreement is used when two (2) parties (landlord and tenant) are held to the terms of an agreed contract for one (1) month at a time. When rent payment is due, usually at the first (1st) of the month, the contract renews for an additional term. According to State law (§ 78B-6-802), the landlord must give the tenant at least fifteen…


A Utah roommate agreement is a contract focusing on a living arrangement where two (2) or more individuals intend to occupy a residence. This type of situation will involve a reasonable amount of communication and honesty on everyone’s part, as the finished product will be a binding contract that can exert power over each signing roommate regarding the leased property. The basic subjects that should…


A Utah sublease agreement is a real estate contract between a tenant who holds a lease agreement and someone else (Sublessee) seeking to occupy a part of or the entire space. This type of arrangement is popular in metro areas and around universities when a lessee goes home for a period of time or in roommate situations. The original tenant may have to check their…


A Utah asbestos disclosure form should be attached and signed to the lease agreement for housing units built prior to 1981. The disclosure will be used to notify tenants of whether or not the landlord has knowledge of asbestos contained in the property. To view more information about asbestos, you may read OSHA’s fact sheet which lists the dangers of its exposure.


A Utah commercial lease agreement allows a landlord and tenant to enter into a legal agreement for the rental of a commercial, industrial, or office space. Agreements often cover a multiple-year term to ensure that the tenant is committed and that they will be given a proper opportunity to develop a successful business. There are three (3) variations regarding the division of utilities between a…