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Utah Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Utah roommate agreement is a contract focusing on a living arrangement where two (2) or more individuals intend to occupy a residence. This type of situation will involve a reasonable amount of communication and honesty on everyone’s part, as the finished product will be a binding contract that can exert power over each signing roommate regarding the leased property. The basic subjects that should be discussed in a roommate contract will be framed in the language included in the form. The contract preparer will only need to supply the negotiable information in predetermined areas.

The contract will provide enough versatility to address agreements about roommate arrangements ranging from off-campus housing for university students to one or two people simply wishing to save some money on living expenses. Each roommate must negotiate properly by being clear and honest regarding his or her expectations. Obviously, each roommate will need to adhere to the terms of this roommate lease once this document is signed.

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