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Texas Roommate Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Texas roommate agreement administers the basic required language of a lease with a few adaptions appropriate to properly record the terms negotiated by the roommates. This paperwork will supplement the Master Lease when two or more people are pooling their resources to lease a residential property. While the Master Lease is signed between the Landlord and one or more of the roommates, this contract will be signed only by the roommates. Therefore, this agreement will exclude the Landlord from the internal agreement between the roommates thus allowing them to focus on issues regarding the basics of rent and living policies. For instance, a group of university students should discuss options such as internet access, parking, cleaning schedules, storage, and study time.

The initial steps involved with this contract are straightforward. Once a copy is obtained, the roommates should discuss the terms and conditions that need definition in an honest manner. Then, the results of this discussion should be recorded in the contract form and signed by each participating roommate. This process will solidify each person’s acknowledgment and consent. Make sure to print enough copies for each roommate to have at least one for his or her personal reference.

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