Texas Rental Lease Agreements

A Texas lease agreement is a binding contract between a landlord and tenant to rent a property for monthly payment. The landlord may check the tenant’s credit and employment history prior to signing a lease through a rental application. If approved, the tenant will be asked to present payment for any security deposit, 1st month’s rent, and last month’s rent.

Laws – Tex. Prop. Code Ann. – Title 8 (Landlord and Tenant)

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A Texas residential lease agreement is a real estate contract that authorizes a landlord to let someone else occupy a property in trade for monthly rent. The due date is usually on the first (1st) of every month during the term, and if late or not paid the tenant runs the risk of eviction. Before signing a binding contract, the landlord is advised to view…


A Texas month-to-month lease agreement, or “tenancy at will,” is a rental contract used when a property manager or owner accepts a tenant to occupy a space for one (1) month at a time. Either party may make changes to the contract or choose to terminate it by giving one (1) month’s notice to the other party. This type of arrangement is common among tenants…


A Texas rental application is used to check a tenant’s credit report, background, employment (including income), and previous rental history. Use of this form ensures that the tenant is able to afford the monthly lease payment. Many landlords will only check the person’s credit which should take about fifteen (15) minutes, while others may take up to a few days if verifying with all references…


A Texas commercial lease agreement is a legal contract between a property owner or manager and an individual or business entity for the occupation of an office, industrial, or retail related space. In most cases, the term of the lease will be from three (3) to five (5) years to give the tenant an opportunity to grow their business as well as ensuring that they are…


A Texas roommate agreement administers the basic required language of a lease with a few adaptions appropriate to properly record the terms negotiated by the roommates. This paperwork will supplement the Master Lease when two or more people are pooling their resources to lease a residential property. While the Master Lease is signed between the Landlord and one or more of the roommates, this contract…


A Texas sublease agreement allows a tenant that is currently under a lease agreement to rent the same space to another person (the “sublessee” or “subtenant”). The agreement may be for renting a room or the entire property. Before a sublease can be written it usually has to be approved by the landlord since most leases prohibit to sublet. The tenant should understand that there…