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A Texas sublease agreement allows a tenant that is currently under a lease agreement to rent the same space to another person (the “sublessee” or “subtenant”). The agreement may be for renting a room or the entire property. Before a sublease can be written it usually has to be approved by the landlord since most leases prohibit to sublet.

The tenant should understand that there is a level of risk involved with taking on a tenant such as:

  • Rent – If the sublessee does not pay, the landlord is still owed the amount as stated in the master lease
  • Eviction – If the sublessee refuses to vacate the property, the tenant is responsible for all legal costs and procedures for getting the person(s) out of the property
  • Damage – The tenant is ultimately responsible for any repairs that are needed after the sublessee leaves

Therefore, it is recommended that in addition to a deposit, the landlord and tenant review the subtenant’s background through a rental application before entering into a sublease agreement.

  • If the housing unit was built prior to 1978, the tenant must give a copy of the lead-based paint disclosure to the sublessee and have it signed and attached to the contract.