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Indiana Sublease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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An Indiana sublease agreement is a form made for a tenant (known as the sublessor) who wishes to rent all or a portion of a rental unit to another individual (sublessee) that they are currently renting from a landlord.  It is advised that the sublessor perform a background check on the sublessee to ensure they are who they claim to be and that they are financially responsible enough to make rent payments on time. After all, the sublessor continues to be entirely responsible for the dwelling and is liable for any defaults caused by the sublessee.

Let it be known that all responsibilities of the new tenant are under the sublessor, such as:

  • If the sublessee does not pay rent, the sublessor is still obligated to pay the landlord every month.
  • If the sublessee refuses to vacate the property, it is up to the sublessor to provide the eviction.
  • No agreement shall be made to go further than the lease term that is specified in the original document between the landlord and tenant.