Wyoming Sublease Agreement Form

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The Wyoming sublease agreement allows a tenant that is occupying residential property on a fixed term to rent the same property to someone else. The existing tenant, or ‘Sub lessor’, may choose to rent a portion or the entire space to the new tenant, or ‘Sub lessee’.

Under most leases in Wyoming, the act of subleasing (‘Subletting’) is barred from use by the landlord. Therefore it may be required for the Sub lessor to seek written permission to make this request.

The Sub lessor must recognize that they will bear any and all responsibility for any action made by the Sub lessee including;

  • Damage to the Premises
  • Non-Payment of Rent
  • Vacating – And if the Sub lessee refuses to leave the property, the Sub lessor will be responsible for any eviction.

For these reasons it is recommended that a rental application be completed to verify the tenant is credit worthy and has a decent rental history.

  • The sub lessor will have to check with the town/city assessor to see if the residential unit was built before 1978. If so, the lead based paint disclosure form will need to be attached to the agreement and signed by the Sub lessee.