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Washington Sublease Agreement | PDF – MS Word

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A Washington sublease agreement allows a tenant who is under contract with a standard lease to ‘sublet’ or rent to another person until the end of the original lease term. Almost all standard leases prohibit the use of subletting to tenants so getting permission from the landlord may be required.

The original tenant, or ‘Sublessor,’ may choose to rent the entire space, a portion, or a room. It is understood that the new tenant, or ‘Sublessee,’ will be the sole responsibility of the sublessor and that any of the following will be their liability:

  • Monthly rental payment(s) – If the sublessor is not paid, the amount stated in the master lease must still be paid.
  • Vacating – If the sublessee does not leave the premises in the timeframe stated in the sublease, or does not pay rent, the sublessor is responsible for any eviction process that must take place.
  • Repairs – If the sublessee damages the property in any way, it is the liability of the sublessee.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended to verify any sub-tenant through the rental application.