Washington Rental Lease Agreements

Washington rental agreements are primarily used for residential use between a property owner (landlord) and a person seeking to use a livable space (tenant) in exchange for payment. The forms are fill-in-the-blank Adobe PDF format that allow a contract to be created after the parties have come to a verbal agreement on the terms of the rental arrangement. The most popular term is one (1) year but may be any duration as discussed and agreed upon.

Laws – Title 59, Chapter 59.18

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A Washington standard residential lease agreement allows a property owner to rent a home to a tenant for monthly rent. The tenant usually has to apply and provide the landlord with their credit information to make sure they are qualified through a rental application. If approved, the landlord will fill in the blanks of this form with the agreed-upon arrangement. After the signatures are given…


A Washington month-to-month rental agreement allows a tenant to rent from a landlord for a period of thirty (30) days at a time with no end date. As long as the tenant pays rent on the due date stated in the agreement, the contract runs perpetually. As per Statute 59.18.260, if there is a Security Deposit required by the landlord, the tenant must complete the move-in…


A Washington State landlord tenant move-in checklist is required if, upon moving into a residential property, the tenant submits a Security Deposit to the landlord (§ 59.18.260). The tenant will need to fill out the move-in checklist to make sure they do not get billed for unnecessary repairs. When filling out the checklist, the tenant should go into every room of the rental property and…


A Washington rental application is for property owners, managers, and agents to obtain the tenant’s information for a background check including a credit check, employment history, and rental history. The main difference between the Statewide rental application and the Seattle version, according to the Fair Chance Housing Act, prohibits Seattle landlords from asking an applicant about their criminal history. Table of Contents Applications (2) Washington…


A Washington sublease agreement allows a tenant who is under contract with a standard lease to ‘sublet’ or rent to another person until the end of the original lease term. Almost all standard leases prohibit the use of subletting to tenants so getting permission from the landlord may be required. The original tenant, or ‘Sublessor,’ may choose to rent the entire space, a portion, or a…


A Washington roommate agreement presents the structural language required to describe a well-rounded roommate arrangement. These living arrangements are becoming increasingly popular as they afford people the opportunity to rent a property that would otherwise be beyond their financial reach. It is easy to see how such an arrangement may be beneficial. However, one must approach such a situation responsibly. Generally, it is considered a…


A Washington commercial lease agreement can be used by landlords to rent out their property to tenants for retail, industrial, or office use. Unlike residential leases, the average term of a commercial lease is three (3) to five (5) years. This lengthier term is due to the fact that landlords will often have an upfront investment from outfitting the property to suit the needs of the…