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A Washington commercial lease agreement can be used by landlords to rent out their property to tenants for retail, industrial, or office use. Unlike residential leases, the average term of a commercial lease is three (3) to five (5) years. This lengthier term is due to landlords having an upfront investment from outfitting the property to suit the needs of the tenant’s business. For this reason, potential tenants should also undergo an extensive verification and credit check to ensure that they will be reliable. Expenses associated with the property can be handled using one (1) of the three (3) agreements listed below.

  • Triple Net (NNN) Lease Agreement – The tenant covers all expenses in addition to paying a set monthly amount for rent.
  • Gross Lease Agreement – The tenant pays the monthly rent, and the landlord covers all expenses.
  • Modified Gross Lease Agreement – The tenant pays the monthly amount and covers a portion of expenses as defined in the lease.

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Business Licensing Service – This website can be used to verify the business entities associated with potential tenants before approval.