California Commercial Lease Agreement Template – PDF – Word

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The California commercial lease agreement should be used for any type of retail, office, or industrial property located within the State that is being rented by the owner (landlord) to an individual or business (tenant). In the case of renting to a business, it is a good idea for the landlord to seek a guaranty to make sure that if the entity does not pay, the person in charge of making payments is liable for any unpaid receivables.┬áThere are two (2) main types of commercial leases; Triple Net (NNN) and Gross. A triple net lease is an agreement where the tenant will not only pay the fixed amount of rent every month but also all costs that are related to the property including, but not limited to, common area maintenance (CAM’s), taxes, and insurance. A gross lease is when the tenant pays a specified amount of money every month and the landlord pays for all other expenses.